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About Micro Casinos

Welcome to micro-casinos.

In the vast sea of online casino gambling, there exists a small number of websites dedicated to dispensing honest and accurate information from a fan's perspective. We take pride in being one of them.

All of the casinos you'll find on this site have been tested in advance to ensure general bet-worthiness, based on several factors. Reputation amongst the online gaming community is paramount. You won't find any casinos here that have been blacklisted or have reported excessive player problems. What you will find is a collection of some of the most established, most trustworthy, and biggest winner-producing casinos on the net.

Why do all the casinos on this website feature software by Microgaming Systems? It is our belief that Microgaming does an excellent job at shrinking Las Vegas style casino action down to pc size. Their games offer unparalleled entertainment in terms of quality, variety, originality, and concepts. Since they are a leader in the industry, we expect their appeal to grow in time, and this website is a sort of "fan site" to document some of the history that is yet to unfold. So, dig in and see what this unique brand of online gambling is all about.



What's Inside...

Featured Casinos - Every month or so, we highlight a group of popular casinos that are bound by a common theme.

A to Z List - Basically every casino found on this site - all in one big list. The list includes basic information about each casino, like theme and elements, game variety, whether or not a download-free Flash Casino is offered, and other noteworthy aspects.

Progressives - Learn all about the progressive jackpot revolution with info on all the latest games, including which casinos offer them, and view up-to-the-instant totals.

Bonus Bin - Dig into this bin for an excellent variety of complimentary deals currently being offered at select casinos. There's something for everybody - regardless of your level of play.

Payout Reports - From this page, you may directly access virtually all of our recommended casinos' monthly audit reports. These reports shed light on how well the games from a particular casino have been paying out recently.

Downloads - Get quick and easy access to the very latest versions of gaming software from a select handful of casinos, all from a single web page.

Flash Games - Try your luck at The River Belle's Blackjack or Gold Mine Slots from the Lucky Nugget Casino. All games are free to play as long as you like, and run on shockwave so there's no download required.




Hottest Casino - Take an inside look into one of the most popular casinos of all-time with our hot casino feature. This spot changes from time to time, and is directly based upon player popularity.

Contact Us - Have a question, comment, or suggestion? Feel free to drop us an email.


GPWA The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association was founded in an effort to bring together webmasters to share ideas and also to establish a high degree of trust between online casinos and their players. Should you have any concerns about a particular aspect of the online gambling industry, this resource is a great place to begin.


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